Worrall Photography and Design


Cheryl Wilson-Smith

Cheryl lives in what is considered the far north.  Her work is deeply influenced by what she is surrounded by daily, the boreal forest, the rocky shores of the lake, and all the wonders that come with small town life  in the wilderness.

Through her work, Cheryl explores our connection to the land and how that resonates with our soul.  Her latest work is in the layering of frit to create sculptured objects.  These castings have inspired her by the complicated processes of translating drawings and then slicing and weaving gossamer fine layers of frit into structural shapes.  The individual layers are more delicate than torn paper, yet as a whole able to create a sculptural object which manifests curiosity and beauty.

Cheryl’s sculptures allow the viewer to draw associations with their own remembered landscapes, resulting in a meditative and emotional response. They become an interpretation of light and landscape and a place for quiet contemplation.